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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sydney Fish Market

I love fish markets!

It's be impossible for me to pass up a fish market when I am this close to the ocean. Seoul, Tokyo, Barbados...if they're hauling things in, I'm there.

Zooming right into Fish Market Cafe: When you're hungry, making the rash decision to go where the crowd is can be dangerous! Oh such a fool...I should've ignored the excitement and avoided anything with "platter" in the name. I love seafood - but when it's deep fried? Not so much. This was a major let down:

Seafood platter, Fish Market Cafe


BBQ Octopus, Calamari Rings, Oysters: Mornay & Kilpatrick, Grilled Scallops, Battered King Prawns, and "Fishi Pieces". They cooked the shizz out of everything - not enjoyed.

I mostly regretted the above as it was impossible e to afford the fabled Rock Lobster...but really, for $75, could I have been able to anyway?
Rows upon rows upon rows of oysters beckoned. Pacific Oysters, St Helens, Smithton, Jumbo, Bruny Island, Port Douglas, Cloudy Bay, Sydney Rock Oysters, Wonboyne Lake, Wagonga Inlet...what to choose? Not able to decide which ones I wanted...I decided to just pick randomly. I opened my mouth and heard myself say "One of each, please."

 By the way - eating outside is precarious. Big fat angry seagulls patrol the docks and are not shy. We saw a man shout angrily while waving his hands  angrily as they approached him...and frankly, I did not judge.

I learned that I rather like Pacific Oysters - less squishy and more meaty. This was actually really educational because I was always mystified as to why some oysters were pricier than others, as tastings were too few and far in between.
The sheer size of the Wagonga Inlet was impressive. It was thick, an oyster steak. I was given a little cup of Tetsuya, but I found that I wanted to enjoy them with just a bit of lemon.

Lastly, how could you not have sashimi at a fish market? I picked up a couple of pieces of salmon, tuna, and kingfish. Sorry Australia - but the rumours were true. You can't compete with Canadian salmon! However...the kingfish was amazing. Almost buttery in texture and flavour...oh yes.

Nicholas Seafood - Sydney Fish Market on UrbanspoonChristie's Seafood Excellence - Sydney Fish Market on Urbanspoon


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