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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sydney :: Chinese Noodle Restaurant

The best thing about Australia? The people. They were fantastic, laid back, and full of fun! After a great night with S, I woke up early the next morning for a walk around the harbour. The botanical gardens were quite nice - random statues and an interesting area with tea leaves that I'll shamelessly admit that I poked around in to smell. Oh Sydney - I am so jealous of your perpetually great weather.
"Boy Extracting Thorn" & Tea Leaves

I met Minh in front of the Opera House and we began an epic day of eating with Chinese Noodle Restaurant! What better way to explore a city through your appetite with one of their best food bloggers?

Chinese Noodle Restaurant
Verdict: Fresh noodles and delicious dumplings! Go for dry noodles instead of soup :-)
Meal: Gorging
Location: Thomas Street, Haymarket New South Wales, Australia

I didn't expect much food culture shock in Australia - other than being able to get wallaby, kangaroo, and paying $5 for Bowen mangoes of course. So I had to think: What am I missing out on in Toronto? What will they do better? Well, given the geography it was no surprise that Malaysian and Indonesian food made my to-eat list.

Before I left, a friend and I talked about Toronto's weak offering of hand-pulled noodles. Fell in love with them in Hong Kong, never found a great bowl in Toronto.

So...I was ecstatic when I heard that I could get a great bowl in Sydney! w00t! Minh and I hopped over from the Opera House to Chinese Noodle Restaurant (not to be mistaken for the Chinese Noodle House next door). You can watch the chef make noodles - win!! We ordered a bowl of seafood noodles as well as a plate of pork & chive dumplings!
Ah! The dumplings were so good. I really love fresh, well-made pork & chive dumplings. I used to make these quite a bit during undergrad and freeze batches - if you're ever interested I recommend checking out Maangchi for a good recipe.
Crispy fresh dumplings were enjoyed along with noodles - a big bowl each. Oooh...I'm so glad that I can justify my Australian food baby with these pictures (which, by the way, was named Jack this Saturday!).
The noodles were great - but the soup? Not so much. If you hop over there, I recommend getting them fried as the broth lacked flavour and probably a bowl of pork instead of seafood. I picked seafood since I was so much closer to the ocean (another reason to be jealous of Sydney-ites!) but I am quite sure that what I got was pre-frozen - that's Chinatown!

There's something about pork + noodles that I love. Whenever I go to Kenzo, I savour the salty, porky goodness with a big King of Kings bowl.

Argh! I need to find great & fresh hand pulled noodles in Toronto! Or learn how to do it myself - definitely not an easy feat....

Whether or not you're heading to Sydney, I recommend checking out Eat, Show, & Tell - it's a fun blog run by a group of friends who travel and eat!
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Anonymous said...

\It is always so dissapointing to get a bowl full of frozen seafood when you are living right next to the ocean!

Minh said...

Such a shame about those noodles that day, but the dumplings were great. Come back to syd soon and we'll eat even more! lol

Erin said...

:D Sounds like a plan! Or...make your way over HERE!

Anonymous said...

\It is always so dissapointing to get a bowl full of frozen seafood when you are living right next to the ocean!

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