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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sydney :: Cafe Ish

Ballet & Soft Shell Crab Omelette. Not bad Sydney...not bad at all!

Based on a recommendation from Minh, I made a point to head to Cafe Ish for their soft shell crab omelette. I was enjoying my stay in Sydney - heaps of places to wander and explore (I used heaps on purpose - I heard it a lot over there). I also popped my way into the Opera House for a show - my first ballet!

Pepper mill!
If you ever head to Sydney and want to explore the Opera House, instead of paying for a tour try snagging one of the $35 Monday night tickets - you can explore and see a show! As you can see from above, the view of the harbour is great and I was excited to see my first ballet. It was a great mix of old-school and contemporary ballet - a perfect introduction. The next morning, we headed off to Surry Hills to try the Japanese-Native Australian inspired breakfast. 
Cafe Ish
Verdict: Cute cafe with a wonderful soft shell crab omelette & banana bread
Meal: Breakfast!

The cafe is so cute - sunny, open, and perfect for Surry Hills. I decided to order a Wattle Maccacino iced with a delightful scoop of wattleseed ice cream. The ice cream had a nice nutty flavour, which turned out to be macadamia. Yum!

I'll admit that a lot of the pull towards this was the "wattle". What is wattle? I asked the server, and she said that it was similar to acai - but I have only tried the berries. Original to Australia, it fit well with the Native Australian theme. It almost had a licorice-like taste that complimented quite well. 

Banana Bread
Toasty and warm
I'm completely surprised that
i) this was ordered
ii) it was actually worth ordering on it's own

I love a good banana bread, but I'll admit that it's something that a grab at a cafe while on the run or I make myself. This wouldn't have been tried if someone else didn't want it - Oh, what  loss it would have been! Warm from the oven and soft - it's worth a try. Thick and moist on the outside with a definite crust. 
I love crusty, bready things. I baked 2 large (and I mean like family sized) rolls the other day and crunched my way through both of them in lightning speed (sigh...Jack). 

B&E Damper
Bundawarrah free range bacon, Kangaroo Island egg, Cafe Ish BBQ Sauce

What's damper? Another mysterious item. I was keen on trying these random things. I mean, sure there was crocodile on the menu as well as emu egg...but there's something more fun about the complete unknown.

I pestered the waitress (who didn't seem to mind!) about this - and I believe she referred to it as Australian camping bread. Ah this gave me a vague idea from a previous camping trip to Algonquin where I made campfire pie. A bit of a gongshow...But that's another story for another day.

A handmill for pepper alongside offerings of green tea, Szechuan, and Murray River salt was brought to the table. Murray River salt is curious - it's pink from the minerals, and I saw it in several restaurants...particularly in Victoria.

Crispy soft-shell crab omelette
Avocado and shallots, garlic, chili, soy, ginger dressing

O M G O M E L E T T E!

The dressing was perfect for the omelette which contained soft shell crab that was certainly crispy. Packed with avocado and surrounded by a thin egg wrap...delicious. A must try if you go to Sydney!
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Raff (Ramen Raff) said...

This place is awesome! The wattle macaccino, soft shell crab omelette, and ribs here are amazing. My favourtie cafe restaurant in Sydney for sure!

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