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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sweet Flour Bake Shop :: Chocolate Cookie Crusade #9

Cookie Wednesdays just got cranked up a notch!

After finding the best chocolate cookie in the downtown core, the bar has been set pretty high...but I was giddy with glee when I found this little shop in the Bloor West Village. The concept? You pick the cookie dough and mix-ins and they bake it for you right on the spot! How awesome is that?!

Also: For the month of April, receive 20% off if you bring in a receipt from a local restaurant on that same day! Perfect excuse to go there for dessert :3

Sweet Flour
Verdict: Go! Cookies as fresh as you can get 'em
Cookie Run (Chocolate Cookie Crusade Series)
Price: $2

You have your choice of original, peanut butter, or caramel cookie dough and a plethora of "Mix-Ins":

Choose your mix-ins!

Mixed-in & Formed into a cookie

Popped in the oven then cooled!

Erin's Cookie
Original Cookie Dough, Dark Chocolate Chunks, Pecans, Chocolate Ganache
Yum, this was great because it's exactly what I wanted. Also, they only charge an extra 25 cents for extra items - so feel free to go nuts (literally!).

M's Cookie
Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Chocolate chunks, Macadamia Nuts
The peanut butter made this a crispier cookie, and we enjoyed it. It was even better dipped into my cookie's chocolate ganache! Yummy. Next time, I want a peanut butter cookie with pretzels, dark chocolate chips, and walnuts. Oh yes, that would be the ultimate cookie combination right there...sweet, salty...

I wanted to order it right on the spot, but my sensible friend convinced me to wait for another night. I guess I should avoid an onslaught of diabetes.
In my humble opinion, my only suggestion would be to ask the customer if they want the cookie to go. In my case, I would've preferred it on a plate or napkin since the chocolate ganache stuck to the tissue paper that got all over the bag. It made a bit of a mess, and I felt environmentally-unfriendly as we tore into the paper bags that we received less than 30 seconds prior.

Overall, this is a great concept! It's too bad it's so far out of the way, I think that it'd do very well downtown or even in a shopping centre.

Sweet Flour
Verdict: Go! Cookies as fresh as you can get 'em
Cookie Run (Chocolate Cookie Crusade Series)
Price: $2

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Div said...

OMG ... seriously I wish I could go to this store ... Can't wait till I am back in toronto again to try this place ... mmm I think I would do peanut butter, pecan, with chocolate ganache ...

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