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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prague Deli :: Central European Blitz #1

I have a soup-obsession. Seriously. I was recently asked what my very last meal would be if I could only eat once more and the answer was easy: my mother's beef soup - Gom Tang. There's nothing like a warm soup on a cold day or a bowl of cold soup on a hot day. Done right, soup can be complex in flavours and feed your soul.

Corniness aside (ooh! Corn soup! Love that too), I made a special mission to Prague Deli after hearing that they have wonderful soups. It was a bitingly cold day when G and I headed over. But...we had more than just soup!

The Prague - Fine Food Emporium
Verdict: Comforting soups and filling goulashes
Meal: Lunch 
Price: $10-15

Tripe Drštková (3.88)
Veal Stomach Lining, Paprika & Garlic certainly lived up to the delicious recommendation. I was tickled to the soul. Flavourful, delicious, and thick. I have this marked as a must-try for my slow cooker one day.
The owner kindly gave us half-portions so we wouldn't explode - the soups are hearty and big...meals!

Borscht (3.88)
A bit on the salty side, but still good nonetheless. How do they make it such a bright colour? Cream? Maybe it'd be best if I don't ask and just enjoy :-) Tasty, but not as good as the tripe.

Gypsy Goulash ($12.00)
Beef, Moravian Sausage, Vegetables, Potato Pancake

Warm and comforting - just like the soup. Ah. I hate to say it, but this is much better than the goulash my mom used to make when I was a kid (sorry). The potato pancake was just okay - not really memorable to be honest - but the goulash? Definitely.

Czech Style Roast Pork (Vepřo, Knedlo, Zelo ) 12.50
Pan Jus, Braised White Cabbage, potatoes 
At first I was a little surprised at the potatoes - I mean, realistically, this is a potato-cake! I actually wasn't a fan of the potatoes -they were a bit "gummy" for my taste. The roast pork was okay - but I wouldn't order it again.

I've since returned to grab their frozen tripe soup - not sure if it's the atmosphere and the fact that I came in from the windy cold weather, or simply because it was not fresh out of the kitchen...but it didn't seem as good and satisfying. Mmm. Either way, I'd like to return for breakfast...and as this cold weather stubbornly persists, another round of tripe soup!

The Prague - Fine Food Emporium
Verdict: Comforting soups and filling goulashes
Meal: Lunch 
Price: $10-15

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