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Friday, April 8, 2011

Graffiti :: Black Metal Sunday Brunch

"Gourmet Food, Extreme Metal and Brutal Service"

Intrigued by the description "Eating Out With Satan!", I quickly gathered a Sunday brunch crew to check this place out in hopes of deafening heavy metal music with tasty eats in my beloved Kensington Market.

Verdict: Dive Brunch - but I took "heavy metal" too literally!
Meal: Brunch
Price: ~$10+ tax & tip
Loved the scene - but we were definitely not the typical clientèle. Case in point: when we were asked if we wanted drinks and two friends asked for tea: "Tea? Uhh....let me check to see if we have it" (They did. And a healthy menu of actual drinks for your brunch).
What I enjoyed the most was the people-watching: huge dogs(might bother some, but I don't mind), lots of tattoos, and heaps of leather jackets. We were a little put-out when we learned that there was no live, heavy metal music to accompany brunch but the menu looked quite interesting:

Latkes ($7.95)
With sour cream and apple sauce
Mmm...the homemade apple sauce was such a win. I think I want to try my hand at making this. I really like the latkes, and it's great to share with the table if you so wish.

The Big One
Toast, sausages, bacon, eggs, potatoes, fruit

My friend wanted to "play it safe" and ordered from the regular brunch menu. Typical greasy-spoon fare, his only complaint was the fact that he got whole wheat bread instead of white as he requested. "I hate brown bread!" He couldn't finish his plate anyways so there was no use asking for a correction.


Another bruncher ordered the other simple breakfast platter - toast, bacon, eggs, and greens. She got what she expected, so no complaints here!

Reuben sammich ($10.95)
With salad or fries

Also shown as the main picture of this post, my friend let me try her Reuben sammich. As I dorkily call sandwiches "sammies", the name made me smile. I'd say that this was the best out of the bunch, but in my experience a Reuben is usually jammed with quite a bit more meat. Still, salty cheesy goodness with homefries. Made me wish I ordered this instead of:

Baked Spaghetti Pasti ($9.50)
Spaghetti, spinach, artichokes, mushrooms, and cheese, all baked up in an eggy pie with mixed greens

My brunch-sense was telling me to order the salmon eggs benny, but my curiousity convinced me to order this. I can make an eggs benny at home, but it's very unlikely that I'd try something this in my kitchen!

Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed. I didn't taste the veggies as much as I would have liked and the eggs were not seasoned. It was quite boring and unfilling. Perhaps if they used brined artichoke hearts, peppers (red or even jalepeno!), and whole-wheat pasta this would've been more satisfying. My friend also ordered this and he was not impressed.

I ended up seasoning it quite a bit  with Frank's Red Hot and Mango Salsa, which helped quite a bit.

While I didn't leave with my ears ringing as I hoped, this wasn't a bad dive-bar brunch. I say go more for the fun atmosphere than the food. It was decent, and at $10 a pop we got what we paid for. I asked, and it turns out that they occasionally have music on Sundays but mostly in the summer. There's a sound system and a piano and I'd imagine that it'd be a good time! He did add that there was a performance scheduled at 4pm...but country music. Hah! I'd come back here to chill and people-watch with friends, but specifically for a tasty, cheap breakfast I'd probably head elsewhere or try cooking something eggy n' spaghetti at home.

PS - Their menu changes every week.

Verdict: Go for a good time and grubby food
Meal: Brunch
Price: ~$10+ tax & tip
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Teena in Toronto said...

I've never eaten there ... the bands are always good, though (I was there this evening).

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