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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Delight :: Ice Cream & Handmade Chocolates!

Chocolate Chocolate CHOCOLATE!

I don't care that summer hasn't started! When I want ice cream, I want ice cream. After hearing so much about their treats, Delight has been on my radar for quite some time but I was never in the area at the right time! So one cold night, I gathered a few friends, we piled into a car, and headed to Delight for a much-needed sugar rush.

Verdict: Try their handmade chocolates - Not sold on their ice cream.
Meal: Ice Cream Run

We got there quite late - 10 minutes before closing. Unfortunately, that meant that most of their unique flavours were gone! I sampled the Ontario Blue Cheese ice cream - which tasted exactly like blue cheese. No thanks. Curiousity drove me to try it, but my cheese-aversion made me ick at the thought of eating an entire cone of this stuff.

I was oh-so-disappointed to see that they ran out of their more interesting flavours - apple cinnamon and a ginger. Between chocolate-peanut butter, vanilla, and blue cheese...there was pretty much only one choice for me:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
I try to avoid pictures of chomped up ice cream, but I thought that the disks of peanut butter was worth noting. I prefer flecks of peanut butter throughout, such as The Big Chill and Summers Ice Cream. The chunks were the same reason why I was disappointed in Sweet Fantasies' version. Peanut butter should be evenly dispersed!
The cone was super thick though - it was the end of the night, so perhaps that contributed to the fact that it wasn't particularly fresh. I didn't ask if they made their cones in house, but I would imagine they do since everything else is. The Big Chill is still the best that I've tried in Toronto!

Vanilla Ice Cream
For the non-crazy ice cream kind of guy. He said he liked it, and well vanilla is vanilla. I'm never a fan, so I didn't try it. My friend was nice though and offered to let me take a picture for your food pr0ning pleasure.

The ice cream was okay but I left disappointed that I couldn't try their other, more interesting-sounding flavours. They had an apple-cinnamon ice cream, but it was long-gone by the time we arrived. Summer's and The Big Chill both serve better peanut butter-chocolate ice cream, and The Big Chill's waffle cone is by far the best. This ice cream cone was extremely thick, which was good for preventing leakage (but the other places don't have that problem) but I wasn't particularly impressed with the freshness.

Handmade Chocolates
On my way out, I picked up two chocolates:
Chocolate Chocolate CHOCOLATE!

I took these home, meaning to save them as a post-dinner treat for the next day but they were positively calling to me as they perched on my desk. I probably should have hid them in my fridge or pantry instead. I fought the urge by brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed. I teetered in my seat looking at the perfectly-neat swirl of white chocolate on the salted caramel. To distract myself, I thought I'd have some fun taking a picture or two and before I knew it I was popping them into my greedy little mouth:

Salted Caramel and Smoked Sea Salt
Oh-Emm-Gee. This was fantastic. Salty goodness - it wasn't the crummy caramel that you find in Oh Henry bars. Dark, intense, salty it rolled around my great.

There's something about sea salt with chocolate that really brings out the flavour. I've started to incorporate a sprinkle of it into my baking, and the results have been fantastic.

Toasted Hazelnut

I followed with the chocolate hazelnut. I love Nutella and I toast filberts very frequentky to eat them as a snack.

Surprisingly, I did not like this very much. It was tasty, but I suppose it wasn't as "special" or different as the salty caramel since I've been obsessively eating Lindt Dark Chocolate Hazelnut bars. Perhaps if this was made with really dark chocolate, I'd love it a little more.
Overall, Delight is a cute little shop in the Junction. I would like to return to give one of their more interesting flavours a try. Even though I did not like it, the Blue Cheese Ice Cream tasted exactly how it should, so I imagine that their other flavours are probably quite good. However, for now I will only vouch for the Salted Caramel with Sea Salt.

Verdict: Try their handmade chocolates - Not sold on their ice cream.
Meal: Ice Cream Run
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KM said...

Every time I've had Delight ice cream (mind you, I've only had it in the summer months), the cone was made right in front of me and was literally warm in my hand! So, disappointing to hear about your experience. I've found their ice cream flavours to be pretty mind-blowing, and I take my ice cream seriously, do don't give up on them yet!

Haha, I do not work for Delight btw. Just LOVE their ice cream. Although I would never try the Blue Cheese. Just...ew.

Erin said...

I think that Delight deserves a re-visit.
Blue Cheese is very ugh, but my curiousity will get me to try everything...:-)

althea said...

I am intrigued by that blue cheese ice cream.... Is it savoury, or do they sweeten it up, like cheesecake?

Erin said...

Not sweetened up - it was VERY blue cheesey!! Kind of a nightmare, really. I love ice cream but I hate'd be such a tease if it was the only flavour!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the blue cheese is quite sweet. And delicious. Tastes like cheese cake. Some of the best ice cream I've ever had.

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