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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sydney Fish Market

I love fish markets!

It's be impossible for me to pass up a fish market when I am this close to the ocean. Seoul, Tokyo, Barbados...if they're hauling things in, I'm there.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sydney :: Mano Espresso, Glebe

Wandering - my favourite thing to do when travelling in a new city. I really love it when I just get outside and just...walk. Preferably without a map - just me and a pair of headphones. I wandered through Hyde Park (Kind of the equivalent of Toronto's Queens Park) and peeked in St. Mary's Cathedral which, along with many other buildings, have a historical European feel but since Sydney is quite young...they must have been inspired by the history rather than built during that era. After wandering around this area, I took Minh's advice and wandered over to Glebe and Newtown where I looked at boutiques, bookstores, and random shops filled with knicknacks.

Mano Espresso
Verdict: Free wifi :-) Great for a break from random wanderings

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Country Style :: Central European Blitz #3

Hungry for Hungarian!

Prague Thursday. Poland Friday. Hungary Saturday. If I can't be in Europe I'll eat like I'm in Europe.

Country Style
Verdict: Go! Loving Toronto's Central European offerings.
Meal: Birthday Lunch! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little India :: Little Meh

Thick, creamy curries, crispy cardamom, and sweet sweet desserts are the constant draw of Indian food. I have learned not to have it for lunch, because without fail, I'll conk out by 3PM from the oh-so-delicious heaviness.
Little India
Verdict: Eh...won't be going back anytime soon
Meal: Dinner
Price: $20

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sydney :: Ayam Goreng 99

Om nom nom nom. This was such a good post-kayak meal. I was on my way to Cafe Ish when I got this phone call:
K: What are you doing today?
Me: I don't know...
K: Perfect, you're going kayaking. See you in an hour.

Ayam Goreng 99
Verdict: Mmm! Indonesian chicken win!
Meal: Post-kayak nosh
Location: 464 Anzac Parade Kingsford New South Wales 2032, Australia

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sydney :: Cafe Ish

Ballet & Soft Shell Crab Omelette. Not bad Sydney...not bad at all!

Based on a recommendation from Minh, I made a point to head to Cafe Ish for their soft shell crab omelette. I was enjoying my stay in Sydney - heaps of places to wander and explore (I used heaps on purpose - I heard it a lot over there). I also popped my way into the Opera House for a show - my first ballet!

Pepper mill!
If you ever head to Sydney and want to explore the Opera House, instead of paying for a tour try snagging one of the $35 Monday night tickets - you can explore and see a show! As you can see from above, the view of the harbour is great and I was excited to see my first ballet. It was a great mix of old-school and contemporary ballet - a perfect introduction. The next morning, we headed off to Surry Hills to try the Japanese-Native Australian inspired breakfast. 
Cafe Ish
Verdict: Cute cafe with a wonderful soft shell crab omelette & banana bread
Meal: Breakfast!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cafe Polonez :: Central European Blitz #2

Polish Food!
Despite the fact that I went to a high school with a sizable Polish population, I've never tried their cuisine. While hanging out with an old Polish friend, I mentioned that I never bothered trying pierogies.
"It's because I hate cheese" - Me
" you know what pierogies are? Foodie fail." - M
" where is a good Polish restaurant?" - Me
"...I dunno." - M
"Polish fail." - Me

Hm. So a bit of research led me to Roncesvalles' Cafe Polonez on a chilly Friday night to try it for the first time. The day after I went to Prague Deli, no less!

Cafe Polonez
Verdict: Go for homey, comforting food
Meal: Dinner
Price: ~$15

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sydney :: Din Tai Fung, Soup Dumpling Yum

Wonderful architecture at the Opera House

The morning before I met Minh, I wandered around the Harbour and snapped some interesting shots of the Opera House. I really enjoyed the architecture from both the inside and the outside. Can anyone guess what the left picture is supposed to look like? Hint: It rhymes with movies.

Anyways...dorkiness aside, after meeting on the steps and gorging at Chinese Noodle Restaurant, Lindt Chocolat Cafe, and taking a break at Sweeney's Thai, we made our way to Din Tai Fung to cap off a very full day...pun intended!
Din Tai Fung
Verdict: Exploding dumplings, great noodles, and deep fried taro :)
Meal: Gorging with Ming #3
Location: CBD 644 George St Sydney,

Feasting at Din Tai Fung

Friday, April 22, 2011

Brasaii :: No Clever Pun

Brasaii is one of those places on King Street that never really drew me - the long alleyway didn't really let me press my face in the window to rudely peer into the interior (probably why the it was designed that way). However, when a friend pointed that that we were in sore need of hang outs I ditched the desk for a night and headed over.

Verdict: Aight
Meal: Dinner 
Price: $35pp
Location: 461 King St W

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prague Deli :: Central European Blitz #1

I have a soup-obsession. Seriously. I was recently asked what my very last meal would be if I could only eat once more and the answer was easy: my mother's beef soup - Gom Tang. There's nothing like a warm soup on a cold day or a bowl of cold soup on a hot day. Done right, soup can be complex in flavours and feed your soul.

Corniness aside (ooh! Corn soup! Love that too), I made a special mission to Prague Deli after hearing that they have wonderful soups. It was a bitingly cold day when G and I headed over. But...we had more than just soup!

The Prague - Fine Food Emporium
Verdict: Comforting soups and filling goulashes
Meal: Lunch 
Price: $10-15

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hunting for Easter Egg...Tarts

Paris Bakery & Pastry
654 Lansdowne Ave
Cantanhede O Bairradino

Macau tarts!
Summer is coming!! (I'm pretending that the freakish snow on Sunday did not happen) While anticipating about the hot, sticky weather that's to come I am reminded of my last trip to Asia. Regardless of the heat, I found myself chowing down on steaming bowls of dumplings, spicy skewers and egg tarts! Yum! They were everywhere in Macau. So in between random casino runs and massive buffets, fresh egg tarts were crammed throughout our stay - literally. 
There are different kinds of egg tarts - which do you prefer? I've tried Hong Kong-ese* and Portuguese - I prefer it when the custard is less eggy and more sweet...and a brûlée'd top  is always a bonus

*My friend uses Honky - is that awkward? So different than the North American slang 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sydney :: Lindt Chocolat Cafe

Mmm...I am so addicted to Lindt Chili Chocolate and Dark Chocolate & Toasted Hazelnut bars that discovering that there are Lindt Cafes made me giddy with FKP*-joy!
*Fat Kid Personality

Lindt Chocolat Cafe
Verdict: Go!
Meal: Gorging with Minh #2
Location: Shop 104 -105, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney, Australia