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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011 from Sydney!

Sunrise on New Years Day - Bondi Beach
I must apologize - my last post was full of optimism that I would keep updating this site along my travels. I have been writing offline, but since I love visuals nothing has been posted yet! It will be interesting when I return - going through the my posts and adding pictures will be a wonderful way to reflect upon this trip Rest assured that I've been eating my face off - a little alarming actually. ("Eating your face off? That expression makes no sense. It's disturbing" - German girl at a hostel) Australia has been an amazing journey. I've met the most incredible people and fallen in love with this country. I started in Sydney, made my way to Melbourne, up to the Great Barrier Reef, then travelled along the East Coast until I returned to this wonderful city! I've swam with sea turtles, spotted wild koalas, eaten kangaroo, and danced in the rain. It's been an incredible experience - exceeded all expectations. I am New Zealand-bound quite soon. I can't explain how I feel just contemplating how that adventure will unfold. While I do not have time to publish something proper, I thought that I'd at least show you a few things that I've been enjoying in Oz =)
Sydney, New South Wales Curry Beef Tiger Pie Harry's Cafe de Wheels, Woolloomooloo Curried beef topped with mushy peas, mashed potatoes, and gravy Great after a good night out, even better when accompanied by a Hot Dog de Wheels
Airlie Beach, Queensland Moreton Bay Mud Crab Fish D'vine & Rum Bar, The Esplanade The waitress was both shocked and impressed that the plate was spotless after I ate this. It was seriously wiped clean - not a single morsel was left. One word: Da-yam.
Noosa, Queensland The home of a lovely family :) Vegemite! Do not attempt to eat this stuff on it's own. Best enjoyed on a toasted slice of bread or rice cracker slathered with butter then topped with a bit of vegemite. I found it amusing when I got an "eeewww" reaction with I mixed it with peanut butter. Mixed with butter, it has a nice, salty flavour.
Coff's Harbour, New South Wales Frozen Banana, The Big Banana This is pretty self explanatory. Canadians are no stranger to giant statues - and in my youth I visited several while road tripping. Ah, nostalgia.
It has been an amazing start to 2011 so far. I watched the fireworks surrounded by people all over the world. We laughed, hugged, and kissed cheeks while celebrating the end of an amazing year. A few of us ran down to the beach and relaxed on the grassy hill while listening to the end of a huge NYE party then walked to the nearby cliffs to watch the sunrise. A friend's guitar was passed around and it a breathtaking moment to watch the sun slowly rise with music. While I'd love to keep this blog up to date like many other travellers, I just feel that every moment that I'm indoors looking at a computer screen I could be having an, aside from perhaps another update or two from New Zealand and maybe a couple of my pre-written Toronto posts I shall be a little disconnected for the next while. For now, I leave you with one of my favourite memories of this trip thus far:
Thank you for sharing this moment with me =) Happy 2011 everyone! Erin