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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rockaberry Pie :: Foodie Gifts from Montreal

I love my friends

I've experienced quite the crazy influx of gifts lately. While most friends were always aware of my love for food, this blog has made it much more in-your-face than before. Not too long ago, I devoured a giant Lindt bunny (with the milk chocolate eggs that come with!), a box of Godiva chocolates, and 2 big dark chocolate-hazelnut Lindt bars. In 2 days. Friends, you know I have a weakness for dessert! Ahh!

The latest was pie from a bakery in Montreal. I kid you not, half of this disappeared within 24 hours by yours truly. I have a serious addiction to pie.

Verdict: Mmmm..Pie!!!!
Meal: Pie pie PIE

Price: A well-publicized love for pie.

Whip cream on the left (good)...Liberte Strawberry yogurt* on the right with walnuts (better)!'s so hard to find good pie. No wonder this was brought back from Montreal. I wasn't the only lucky receiver of pie from this friend - apparently Rockaberry is a well-known and widely-loved pie spot. Perhaps Montreal's Wanda's Pie in the Sky? The pie was very fruity but not too sugary. Thankfully, although the top was crumbly they did not put an overdose of white sugar on top which I find a lot of places do these days.

*M, I took your advice and tried your favourite yogurt brand. It's a lot thicker and creamier...tasty, but I still prefer Astro :-). I like my yogurt a little goopy! However, I discovered that the consistency is perfect for a double cream substitute while cooking so I'm glad I tried it.

...I just realized that in the month of October I've single handedly eaten the equivalent of 3 pies. Wow. Pie-face, here I come.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!
R for Rhubarb!
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Chris ( said...

I've always liked pie, but after reading episodes of your pie-eating adventures, I like pie even MORE. Darn you :P

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