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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pulp Kitchen :: Vegan Brunch Shrug

Vegan Brunch!

Recent comments about vegan treats on a previous post sparked some interest in vegan fare. Having never tried it, I figured I'd give Pulp Kitchen a try while I was in the area. Brunch is my favourite meal (unless if you count dessert) so I thought this would be a good introduction!

Pulp Kitchen
Verdict:  Healthy, but boring
Meal: Brunch
Price: $9 + tax & tip
Location: 1129 Queen St E

Waffles ($8.50)
Fresh baked blueberry spelt and cornmeal waffle served with banana coconut cream, house made blueberry jam, and pure Canadian maple syrup
Healthy Waffles!
The spelt was definitely noticeable in the waffles and I enjoyed both the blueberry jam as well as the coconut-banana cream. The melons and grapes were a little out of place with the other toppings - perhaps they would have been better in a bowl on the side, or different fruit such as strawberries, bananas, and whole blueberries would've been a better choice. Although I'm usually not a fan of creams, the coconut banana cream was quite tasty!

French Toast ($9)
Vegan French Toast, topped with house made fresh strawberry sauce and toasted almonds served with pure Canadian maple syrup
Multigrain French Toast!

What makes this vegan? They use silken tofu instead of eggs which seemed like an interesting substitute so this was ordered out of sheer curiousity. I was sorely disappointed. Firstly, while I appreciate a good, healthy bread, this 12-grain loaf from Ace wasn't the best pick. I think that bread ought to be fluffier and thicker for French Toast - it was too dense. Also, the silken tofu did not add any flavour - perhaps if it was seasoned a bit beforehand, or had some finely chopped vegetables (chives?) that would really give it some flavour.

I took some of the banana-coconut cream from the waffles and spread it on the French Toast which greatly improved the flavour. Thumbs up for the toasted almonds, but a big "meh" for the strawberry sauce. The homemade blueberry jam also made a guest appearance on this toast, which made it better.

Not bad, but I feel that there needs to be a bit more imagination, especially if they are interested in attracting non-vegan customers. Silken tofu French Toast sounds like it could be a winner...but there is much more that can be done with these dishes!

Pulp Kitchen
Verdict:  Healthy, but boring
Meal: Brunch
Price: $9 + tax & tip
Location: 1129 Queen St E

While waiting, they didn't mind that I got a little snap-happy (I was bored, it was empty, and I asked). Since vegan-centric restaurants are limited in Toronto, I thought I'd share a bit more:

Vegan-friendly goodies:
Vanilla cupcakes, chocolate-y bars
and cookies:
Cookies from Sweets of the Earth

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