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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nota Bene :: OMG BURGER


Hungry for a really great burger, we hopped over to Nota Bene to try the Wagyu Burger. It wasn't hard to convince me. A previous visit's tasty memories of rabbit tagliatelle, butternut squash soup, and tuna tartare reminded me that I was sorely overdue for a Nota Bene visit!

Nota Bene
Verdict: OMG-burger, OMG-dessert
Meal: Fancy Burger Run
Price: $44 burger

We arrived at 8ish, and the restaurant was buzzing and full. We managed to snag a little table, where the lighting was poor so the pictures aren't the best food pr0n - but I trust that you'll believe me when I say that it was all oh-so-delicious. I don't like using flash in nice restaurants as I feel that it might disturb fellow diners.
The space is impressively big, and would be great for large group functions like a work Christmas party. Let's start with memories of my first visit, since the items are still on the menu:

Big Eye Tuna Tartare ($16)
Citrus Soya, Ginger, Avocado
I didn't have this that night - but I remember that I liked the made-to-order potato chips, but wished there were a few more. The tuna tartare was light and delicious with the avocado spread. That day, I also had:
Papardelle Pasta, Grilled Rabbit Loin (Rabbit Rag├╣, Chickpeas, Marjoram) - The pasta was excellent, very fresh and opened my eyes to the difference between good and fantastic noodles.

Mmm! Okay, now on to the big show:

9/oz Forked Wagyu Briskey Burger ($44)
Shaved Foie Gras, Pancetta, Pommes Frites, Truffle Mayonnaise


Second huge OMG moment of this blog (First being Hoof Cafe's French Toast)

I mean really, just look at the description. Wagyu beef. Foie gras. Truffle Mayonnaise. It's hard not to be OMG with these ingredients.

We ordered it blue, and it arrived perfectly pink and delicious. This is how all burgers should be - foie gras or sans. I took restrained bite-sizes to savour it - it's not everyday (or every year, really) that I get to enjoy Nota Bene or something so lovely.

The fries were also quite good - although I did spy another table's onion rings. I would like to return just to try those! The mayonnaise was really tasty with the fries! My friend liked the fries, but the fat-kid in me likes mine a little more deep fried.

Okay. I'll admit that the pricetag was enough to make me gawk at the menu for awhile. $44 for a burger?! However, I thought about how I spent $18 on Burger Bar's @#$% of a burger, and $24 on Dangerous Dan's monstrosity it was pretty much like combining two subpar burger experiences for one really great one. Right? Uhhh yah. It doesn't help that I am now hankering to hit Bymark's $37 burger to compare.

Sticky Toffee Pudding ($10)
Pecan Praline, Spotted Dick Ice Cream

This was delicious. Oh geez. I had to stop writing for a moment to take a scoop of ice cream from my freezer from just thinking of it. We spooned this up quickly and happily until the plate was clean. I would return for this alone, what a fantastic dessert :-)

I didn't know what spotted dick ice cream was but I enjoyed it - it had a distinct rum flavour with raisins riddled here and there. Friends of mine know how fond I am of using rum in my baking - so this ice cream really hit the spot. It's rare for me to like a non-chocolate ice cream this much! It was perfect on the wonderfully warm gooey sticky toffee pudding sitting in a sweet pool of caramel-like syrup.

Similar to my last visit, the service was very good at Nota Bene. For my first visit, I actually arrived at this fancy restaurant in shorts, tank top, and big backpack not realizing that it would be full of suits. I felt a little out of place, but not from the staff!

Nota Bene
Verdict: OMG-burger, OMG-dessert
Meal: Fancy Burger Run
Price: $44 burger

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Div said...

Omg I agree Truffle Mayo is the best ... We went to a hole in the wall place the other to get a burger ...
and it was the perfect burger,
A great patty, buttered soft bun and truffle mayo ...
umm I am getting hungry just thinking about it

Erin said...

Yummm...I love finding hole in the walls, don't you? :D

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