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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lady Marmalade :: Voulez-vous...? Non.

Mexican Breakfast!

Fearing that we would not have a chance for a last cookie run, Compañero de Galletas and I headed to brunch in lieu. We picked Lady Marmalade in Leslieville, which has taken Pulp Kitchen's old location. I got there a bit early and I will admit that I peeked into Ed's Real Scoop. I was a little disappointed to see that Ed's opens at 11:30am. Darn. I suppose 8AM ice cream would have been pushing it...unless if they created a Hollandaise flavour! Ice cream issues much?

Lady Marmalade
Verdict: Skip. Underwhelmed, did not feel freshly made-to-order
Meal: Breakfast
Price: $11 + tax & tip

Our original plan was for Compañero to order something very Canadian (the breakfast poutine) and so I planned to order something very Mexican (Huevos Migas). Sort of a foodie-goodbye to Toronto. Unfortunately,  he wasn't feeling well and the description alone made his stomach flip flop in protest.
I stuck with my decision to order something Mexican to counter the would-be Canadian breakfast. In hindsight, I wish I looked at the menu more carefully as there were options that sounded more appealing but the company was a worthy distraction...

Huevos Migas ($11.50)
3 soft-scrambled eggs w/ cheese, tomatoes, scallions, chorizo, organic corn tortilla chips & cilantro, served w/ brown rice n’ beans, sourcream & pico de gallo salsa 

"This is something I'd have for breakfast, back in Mexico" - Compañero

This was more or less a big bowl of nachos with soft scrambled eggs on the side. Unfortunately, it was quite disappointing as the chips were noticeably stale, the rice was lukewarm in the best spots and cold otherwise, and the cilantro arrived in long stalks (why not chop it up into bite sized pieces?).
The beans were the only thing that arrived piping hot, which warmed the rest of the dish. Sigh. I could see this being really great if everything was fresh - I mean, the sausages were tasty, and the cilantro added a bite to the dish, and the soft scrambled eggs weren't awful. But it arrived like this, and that was that. However, I was hungry and did not want to spoil our last hang out with complaints (although I suppose you now learn the truth behind how dissatisfied I was, Compañero).

Annie’s Organic Buckwheat Crepe ($10.95)
Fresh fruit crepe w/ lemony yogurt, house-made cranberry-almond granola & honey
Sweet Buckwheat Crepe

I stole was offered a few generous bites from Compañero's crepe - which also arrived just-warm instead of hot and fresh. What was going on? We were the first customers of the day, so I have the unfortunate suspicion that we were receiving reheated leftovers from the day before. The spongy crepe was folded over an overly sweet and somewhat odd combination of fruit - pineapple, grapes, bananas, cranberries, strawberries, and grapes? Not exactly complimenting. Topped with little bits of granola and a combful of honey, this was too sweet for my taste.

After hearing many raves about Lady Marmalade, I left disappointed with the meal. Food pr0n enthusiasts may find that these look tasty, but sometimes pictures are more appetizing than the actual dishes. They did take care of presentation - although the sprinkling of paprika/cinnamon were more messy than artisitic in my opinion. Not that it really matters in the overall picture, I'm just blogging-out-loud at this point. The service was nice, and the interior had a cute feel with the mismatched chairs and fun little salt & pepper shakers.

Company was lovely and is missed very much - which was more important than the food itself. However, overall, the dishes were underwhelming. Stale and reheated are two words I do not want to use to describe a $11.50-a-pop breakfast. I will return to Leslieville in hopes of pleasant greetings from Bonjour Brioche...but Lady Marmalade, you've been shelved.

Oh, and it didn't help that I was literally chased by a woman on the street after breakfast, after she yelled at us for screwing up the election. Compañero said that the sight of her screaming and running after me was "a nice dessert". Glad to have entertained. Miss you Compañero, cookies await your return!

Lady Marmalade
Verdict: Skip. Underwhelmed, did not feel freshly made-to-order
Meal: Breakfast
Price: $11 + tax & tip
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Div said...

I love your adventures with the tornto homeless folks ...
Hope you have a blast in Australlia and post loads more food porn ...

Erin said...

Thanks babe. Too bad we'll miss each other when you're in Toronto!

Karen Ling said...

funny post about the screaming lady...i wanted to try this place but after hearing you're review kinda having doubts now

Amy said...

Haha the last part was so funny :) Wonder why the food wasn't served hot enough; that sucks. Karen only gave her crepe croque monsieur a 7/10. I liked my BLT so I gave it an 8. I guess it depends on people's preferences and how the cooks are feeling that day.. haha. But I love Bonjour Broiche too!

Erin said...

I think that I went at a bad time - I suppose it was so quiet that they didn't feel like making anything fresh...I don't know! Did you go on a weekend morning?

Amy said...

Yup, on a Sunday!

Erin said...

ah hah! I bet that's part of it - I believe I went on a Wednesday

Kelsey said...

oh no! the restaurant here in Victoria BC is wonderful! i love it so much. the owners make sure to have plenty of fresh and local produce and even our bread is from a local bakery, Wildfire Bakery. i'm sorry you had a bad experience eeek!


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