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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ackee Tree Jamaican Cuisine

More Jamacain!

After The Real Jerk, I was left wondering where I could get really great jerk chicken downtown. I hopped over to Ackeetree with my friend to see how it compared.

Ackeetree Jamaican Cuisine
Verdict:  Cold & unappetizing
Meal: Dinner

Price: $13 + tax & tip
Location: 170 Spadina Ave, Toronto

Spicy Beef Patty ($1.50)

We decided to try a patty to see if they were good enough to take a box home. This was very disappointing as they were thin patties with very little meat, as you can see from the pictures. I like them flakey and full... so we didn't order any to go.

Jammin’ Jerk Chicken (Medium, $9.95)
Cold Jerk Chicken, Rice & Peas, and Coleslaw

This was even more disappointing. First of all, the chicken was cold. My positive-thinking friend shrugged and said "At least the gravy is warm!" and poured it all over the chicken. Unfortunately, this just made it worse as the gravy was too thick (worsened by the fact that it was warm, not hot) and untasty. I was less than impressed with the spicing.

I never like coleslaw, so let's just skip over that - like cheese plates, I will never have anything kind to say about it. Unlike The Real Jerk, the rice & peas weren't mushy...but that's all there is to comment about that. Gah.

Ackee & Saltfish (Medium, $11.95)
As unappetizing as it looks.

Sigh. I was also very disappointed with this. Lukewarm, lacked flavour, too-chewy fish...I ordered sweet potato fries, which my friend liked since they were thick and fluffy, but I prefer my fries thin and crispy...and hot. Not just-kinda-warm.

Company-wise it was a wonderful night. Food-wise, it was very disappointing. What can I say? Even if it was served hot and fresh, the lack of flavour makes me doubt that it'd be great. The service was nice and I had high hopes...but I will not return. I'd sooner go back to The Real Jerk.

I have a couple other places in mind for patties and jerk chicken, recommended by a few followers of this blog...I hope they will satisfy my cravings! I just wish they were in the downtown core since I'm way too busy these days for special trips to Eglington and St. Clair West...but I just might because Toronto, I love you, but you've been disappointing me a little lately. Please redeem yourself, and soon.

Ackeetree Jamaican Cuisine
Verdict:  Skip - Cold & unappetizing
Meal: Dinner

Price: $13 + tax & tip
Location: 170 Spadina Ave, Toronto

On a completely unrelated note, I'm playing with my slow cooker more and more these days. I've gone beyond just making chili, oatmeal, and spaghetti sauce. My next experiment? Trying to tweak one of my favourite Korean recipes into a slow-cooker friendly one. If it's a success, get ready for a series of Korean slow-cooker eats. If it's a fail...err...well I guess I'd be in for a series of less-than-stellar dinners. I think that the tweaking process will be fun. I'm going to dig around my freezer tonight, and see what I can come up with without having to make a trip to the grocery store...I'm pretty sure I have pork neck, fish cakes, anchovies, and brisket hidden I have quite a few options.

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Div said...

Omg I just got a slow cooker as a wedding present and I have yet to use it ...
If you come up with something good please do share ... as my slow cooker feels lonely

Erin said...

I was going to slow cook beefy soup, but I ended up turning it into the steak that you saw in today's post (

But...if I have time before I go, I'll make a slow cooker post for you. I actually have pictures somewhere for some stuff, I think

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