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Friday, October 29, 2010

Salad Creations :: PATH

Still trying to make friends with salad!

Finding quick, cheap, and healthy food can be quite the challenge. Figuring out the PATH can be an even bigger one.
Salad Creations
Verdict: Quick, tasty, & healthy in the PATH. A bit pricey, but one of the better options.
Meal: Lunch
$7.49 + $2.50 for "protein"
When I first moved to Toronto, I struggled with the PATH. It was a confusing maze of shops, restaurants that I knew could lead me from Union Station to Eatons Centre...but I just couldn't figure out how. After several failed attempts, I have more or less figured it out and it's been great for a quick and convenient lunch when I'm already connected to the network, especially in the winter.

Chop chop chop!
Craving some greens, we headed to Salad Creations and ordered Full Creations. You may choose between Junior and Full...but we were both pretty hungry! Plus, if you can't finish, leftover salad is never a bad thing to have sitting at your work desk.

There are four bases to choose from: Romaine, Iceberg, Spring Mix and Spinach - we both went with spinach.

Then, choose "throw ins" - I love all vegetables so I asked for almost everything! With the Junior size, you can only ask for 4, but it's unlimited when you purchase the Full Creation - even more reason to grab it in a to-go container and save leftovers if you're a light eater.

Chickpeas, artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper, corn, mushrooms, etc. There were over 40 choices with only the occasional tomato shortage. The salad was huge. For the next step (protein), I opted for Wild Alaskan Salmon ($3.50) while my friend ordered hers with Teriyaki Chicken ($2.50). I asked them not to chop my salmon, because I felt like eating it like a steak :P They either toss the salad, or chop it up - we chopped.

Considering the amount I've spent restaurant salads, this is actually a pretty good deal. Perhaps some will see it as pricey, considering the other options i the PATH but when I want something healthier and vegetable-laden, Salad Creations is a good choice...especially with winter on it's way.

Salad Creations
Verdict: Quick, tasty, & healthy in the PATH. A bit pricey, but one of the better options.
Meal: Lunch
$7.49 + $2.50 for "protein"
Location: 150 King St W Toronto

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mers said...

where along the PATH is this??

Erin said...

under the sun life building!

Anonymous said...

I used to work here. It is not as fresh as it may seem and as a professional cook I will never step foot here again.
Not to mention the owners are heinous "human beings".

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