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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pizzeria Libretto :: 850F of YUM

"So now that Pizza-Palooza week is over, are you done with Toronto pizza posts?" - S
Its no secret that I love pizza. While saving up for both Pizzeria Libretto and Queen Margherita , I was really lucky to find a day that I was able to take a long lunch with friends! So we TTC'ed, drove, and skipped over to Libretto (can you guess who was skipping all 3 km to Pizzeria?). When you're on a budget but hungry to explore, long lunches are awesome.
Pizzeria Libretto
Verdict: Go!! Neapolitan Pizza, yum! Meal: Lunch Price: $15 Fix Prixe Lunch
Bright lunch spot, great bar

Libretto is a great lunch spot...if you can get out there! Located in the west end, it might be a little out of the way for those on a tight lunch schedule...but totally worth it if you can swing by. We were giddy with glee when we saw the Lunch Prix Fixe and quickly placed our orders. Why is the deal so fantastic?
Check it out:
Lunch Prix Fixe: $15: Salad or Bruschetta, Margherita D.O.P., Biscotti or Gelato
Margareta DOP: $13

You're getting the dessert and appetizer for only an extra $2! Eff ya. I'm that much closer to reaching my Queen Margherita budget goal.

Knowing that I'd get a kick out of it, my Libretto friend told me to check out the back while we waited for our order:
Wood burning oven!
One of the chefs noticed me eagerly peering at the oven and invited me to take a closer look! I asked if I could take a picture, and he was quite friendly about it. Thanks, Libretto-guy! :-) You made my day! As you can see from above, there are bins of pizza dough ready to be kneaded, topped, and shoved in the 850F oven. According to the menu, in less than 90 seconds, a "puffy, flame-blackened crust with a slight crispiness" is pulled out and you have a delicious "soft, elastic, & slightly wet in the centre". MMMmmm
Warm Mixed Marinated Olives ($5)
As I got older, my taste buds started to agree with certain flavours. I have come to enjoy trying different olives here and there. This was a nice assorted pile. So far, my favourite sampling of olives has been from Terroni's.

The salads were well priced for the quality, hooray! Salad relief

Beet Caprese Salad ($11)
Cookstown seedlings, Ontario Fiore di latte, basil, olive oil
The beets weren't as intense as I normally like them to be in my salads, nor am I a huge fan of cheese - so this wasn't my favourite. However, those who like cheese and enjoy light, clean flavours may enjoy this.

Arugula Salad ($9)
Arugula, Pear, Walnut, Piave (a sligtly sweet hard cheese), Black Berry Empire Apple Vinaigrette
I enjoyed this quite a bit! Reminded me of a delicious homemade pizza I had for Thanksgiving. Clean and light with a generous fistful of walnuts. Yummy.

Rocco's Duck Proscuitto (house-made) $7
This was enjoyed by the friend who also liked the figs on the side :) This ended up being a good order because it complimented a pizza (see below)

Duck Confit ($17)
Bosc Pear, Mozzarella
Fellow Libretto-er mentioned that the duck was underspiced, and I agree. We added chili oil, which brightened it up. Then my brilliant friend decided to top it with duck prosciutto. Oh yes. Chili oil + duck prosciutto + pizza = win. Libretto, please add prosciutto to this pizza!
Margherita D.O.P. ($13 or Prix Fixe)
Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella
I fell in love with this. Everything about it. The chewy crust along the outside, the thin crust, the sauce, the cheese. All of it. Oh. Em. Gee. I've been told that the key is to enjoy this pizza right when it pops out, before the cheese cools.

My friend was planning on making this for a potluck, so we ordered it to give her a taste of what to expect and maybe strive towards...

Chocolate Gelato
I wanted Affogato, but there was a strict no-substitution rule. So I ordered the chocolate gelato dessert and an espresso to make my own affogato.
"'re the only person I know who would make her own dessert at a restaurant" - M
Oh damn. That was amazing.
It was a great lunch with wonderful company :-). Definitely a great deal for lunch - I just wish it was closer to work!
Pizzeria Libretto
Verdict: Go!! Neapolitan Pizza, yum! Meal: Lunch Price: $15 Fix Prixe Lunch
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Chris ( said...

The arugula salad is singing to me.

And your friend is totally right. You ARE the only one who would make her own dessert at a restaurant. :] I love that you "took matters into your own hand" hahaha

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