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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kensington Natural Bakery & 3 Thanksgivings


I had a pretty great Thanksgiving. Err, correction: I had three great Thanksgivings! For the last one, I picked up a pie from Kensington Natural Bakery - a shop on Bloor St that focuses on preservative-free baked goods and meals.
Update:: Also tried their cookies and take out

Kensington Natural Bakery
Verdict: Okay Pumpkin Pie - wish it was more spicy, but still good & a healthier alternative
Meal: Dessert
Price: $8.50/pie

Dinner #1:
The first featured tasty homemade pizzas, prime rib, soup, appetizers, and my cookies:

Prosciutto-Pear Pizza
Pesto, cheese, prosciutto, arugula
Sauteed pears, fresh dough

Roll the dough and add the toppings...

We baked the pizza and added the arugula and prosciutto near the end. Mmmm!

BBQ Chicken Pizza
Caramelized onions, bbq sauce, chicken

Fresh toppings!

Acorn Squash

Cobb's Bread, Smoked Salmon, Capers

Prime Rib
Perfectly pink!
Hello prime rib...move over turkey!

Acorn-Butternut Squash Soup
Homey & filling soup...and potato salad

Cookies...but no Tomatoes:

I made pumpkin-chili chocolate cookies - will post recipe soon!

Dinner #2:
The star of the second dinner was a homemade pumpkin pie, made from scratch! The baker said this was her first pie, and I thought she did a fantastic job:
Homemade Pumpkin Pie & Ken Speirs Apple Streusel

My absolute favourite apple pie is from Ken Speirs Orchard in Caledon, Ontario. I have fond memories of my mother buying two pies - one for the family...and one for me. Rarely, but awesomely, she'd give in and let me grab a spoon and eat a whole pie for breakfast. I suppose she figured that as long as I was thin, cavity-free, and active I could indulge once in awhile. Little did she know that I was pie-monster in the baking. Unfortunately, Ken Speirs was out of pie (arggh!! Apple Pie craving reignited) so we had to settle for a streusel - I generally find them too sweet and unsatisfying since I know how wonderfully flakly and perfect their apple pie is. I also enjoy their blueberry pie. It's still a good dessert...but not my favourite.

Dinner #3:
Kensington Natural Bakery
For the last dinner, I promised dessert but I had no time to make the turkey-shaped cake that I had planned. Okay that's a lie. I bought a box of Oreos for the "stuffing" and I ate the entire box almost immediately. Sigh.
Instead, I decided to follow up on a recommendation and try the pumpkin pie at Kensington Natural Bakery:

Natural, Preservative-Free Focus

Pumpkin Pie ($8.50)
Natural Vegan Pumpkin Pie Spelt
Pure pumpkin goodness!

Mmmm. This was very pumpkin-y. I'm used to sweetened and spicy pumpkin pie. I chose the one without xylitol. While I still enjoyed this quite a bit (I had 4 slices in one sitting!), I think that an extra dash of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger would have given it more of a kick. It was a simple yet tasty pie - good for those who would prefer a more intense pumpkin flavour. Healthwise, this is probably better than the homemade pie that I had at the previous dinner...but I really liked the spicy-ness of that filling so I would sooner try to recreate Kensington's healthier pie with more spices than buy another slice.

Anyways, this pie was my first taste of vegan dessert. Not bad - I would go back for other treats (Future Chocolate Cookie Crusade is in order). For the curious, the following was listed in the ingredients list: 

Filling: Pure pumpkin, organic soy drink, barely malt syrup, tapioca flour, pure vanilla extract, spices
Shell: Spelt flour, spring water, pure sunflower oil

My friend also made a fantastic sweet potato curry:

Kensington Natural Bakery
Verdict: Okay Pumpkin Pie - wish it was more spicy, but still good & a healthier alternative
Meal: Dessert
Price: $8.50/pie


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I like thanksgiving, but I think I would love thanksgiving WITH YOU. No wonder you couldn't join my party :P This is clearly much better!!

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Chris, your party pics made me wish I made it out! Loved your dress =)

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