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Sunday, October 3, 2010

How to Peel a Mango & Chinatown

Love Chinatown Fruit! Rambutans, Mangosteens, & Mangoes!

Strolling down Spadina after a yummy sandwich from Fusaro's Kitchen (Oops no pictures. Quick synopsis: Go! Yummy sandwiches!), a friend and I chatted about the wonder that is Chinatown.
Nothing beats Chinatown prices for fresh produce. When I want something that's not in season, I hop on over to Spadina & Dundas for some ridiculously cheap groceries and delicious fruit. $1 for a box of strawberries? 29¢/lb for bananas? When you love eating fresh produce, Chinatown can be a poor, hungry student's paradise. Sometimes I buy an exotic-looking fruit or veggie just for the heck of it - why not try something new?
Dragonfruit, Starfrut, & Sweetsop

I was giddy with glee at mangoes selling at 3 for $1. I don't care what they look like as long as they are ripe, juicy, and ready for my belly.

"Are you going to get some?" I asked as I carefully compared the mango weights before choosing my 3.

He shook his head. He likes mangoes but has never bought one, and wasn't even sure how to peel one. "It's probably messy and not worth it"

Well. I couldn't let that be the reason why he has been depriving himself of this delicious fruit.

Step 1: Lay the mango down, on the flatter side.

Salivate in anticipation.

This will give you an idea of where to cut the mango. The long flat seed is in the middle, along the fruit's equator and only 2-3 cm thick. Once you slice a mango, you'll get the hang of it for next time.

Step 2: Slice the sides off
Slice as close to the large flat seed as you can. Just take a good guess - just a little off the centre - bonus points if you cut it so close you can tap the seed with your knife!
Step 3: Make a pattern in the flesh, & trace around the edge.


I like the standard tic-tac-toe pattern, but you can play around if you want long thin slices or fancy shapes. Try to avoid piercing the skin of the mango (and your hand!!) while doing this

Step 4: Turn it inside out

Bracing the sides with your thumbs, place your other fingers on the skin behind the meatiest part of the mango. Gently push upwards, and ta-da! You have slices of delicious joy. Simply slice them off into a bowl, or do what I did this morning: Greedily stand over your sink and eat it all. Then go wash your face 'cause it will be messy.

As for the middle: You can neatly cut around the seed and slice more mango squares. I just pick it up and eat around the seed (not pictured because it ain't pretty)


Anonymous said...

as for an alternative for the sides , try scooping it out like an avocado then slicing it up

Erin said...

Really? I'm not sure how that would work with the flat seed & fibres. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Not with the flat seed. Still cut it as you normally do. But rather than scoring the sides ( your 1st picture in step 3),go around the edge with a spoon and scoop it out.Make sense ?Mango should be ripe but then again why would you eat an unripe mango.

Anonymous said...

as for an alternative for the sides , try scooping it out like an avocado then slicing it up

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