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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ed's Real Scoop :: Infinite Ice Cream Nights

Another last ice cream night

I'm going to stop declaring "last ice cream nights". Who am I kidding? The cold weather will never stop me. I finally made it to Leslieville to try the much-talked-about Ed's Real Scoop! And by try I really mean GORGE ON.

Ed's Real Scoop
Verdict:  Go!! Great ice cream and super friendly service. Rock of Ages WIN!
Meal: Dessert
Price: $3 for a regular cone
Location: 920 Queen St E Toronto

Irons for fresh cones! Waffle, Sugar, Plain...and Pine?

Gelato, Ice Cream, and Cones!

Pumpkin caught my attention. The guy behind the counter noticed me curiously looking at the flavour and said "It's like pumpkin pie...but with an ice cream texture!". Having loved XocoCava's prune ice cream, I know better than to thoughtlessly write off "odd" flavours...

Discouraged by Wanda's disappointing pumpkin pie, encouraged by my love of Kashi Pumpkin granola bars, and enticed by a reader's rave of tasty pie beside Sushi Couture I decided to try it.

Pumpkin Ice Cream & Red Hot Chili Chocolate Gelato with Oreo was tasty!! I could taste the pumpkin-pie spice, and I got this with Red Hot Chili Chocolate - WIN!

I knew I would get tired of the pumpkin, and after sampling the Chili Chocolate gelato I suspected the spices would mingle very well together. This combination sparked all sorts of ideas...which I'll chat about later. Food pr0n first.

I was ridiculously happy when the guy rolled my cone around bits of Oreo. I may have professed love, but I was drunk with ice cream excitement so I can't be sure.

Pistachio & Red Hot Chili Chocolate 
The pistachio was good, but I definitely prefer Dolce Gelato's a bit more. It had bits of nut throughout, but I didn't like the way it mingled with the Red Hot Chili Chocolate.

Raspberry Gelato

The raspberry gelato was unsurprisingly sour - I wouldn't be able to enjoy an entire cone but a small scoop would be pleasant at the end of a meal. I could see this being very tasty with a tart or pastry!

Blueberry Pie & Mint

The mint was very mint-y and fresh, but I didn't think much of the blueberry pie. It was borderline boring, perhaps made worse by the intense flavours that I tried beforehand. I think that if they crumbled graham crackers with the ice cream, used more blueberries (wild, please!), and maybe some vanilla it would be much improved.

The mint was quite good on its own, and tasty with the Red Hot Chili Chocolate. I really enjoyed mixing flavours that night.

So...this was when my greed took over.
When it was less busy, I wandered back and asked what this was:

"Hazelnut ice cream, with bits of hazelnut, and hazelnut wafers".

...Head exploded. A couple of my friends who know of The Nutella Incident (still too embarrassing for public knowledge) laughed when I told them about this flavour. I love hazelnuts in salads, straight up roasted, crushed and cooked with chicken, in midnight bowls...I can't resist filberts.

So I got a cup of ice cream. This was after I finished my pumpkin-chocolate cone and made a decent dent on everyone else's dessert. I'm probably the best person to take on an ice cream run if you're watching your waistline.

Rock of Ages & Deep Dark Chocolate
It seemed only fitting to combine this with Deep Dark Chocolate. It had flecks of cacao in it which gave a bitter taste once in awhile - only get this if you love pure cacao like I do!

Rock of Ages was fantastic - best flavour of the night. Hands down.

What's even more amazing was when I asked for a bit of Coffee Crisp on top, and I got a kiddie cup full of it! I'm quite positive that they knew my inner-child's heart was exploding in joy. Okay, my heart. My squeal in excitement might have given that away.

A night full of combining ice cream flavours sparked some baking thoughts....

Ice cream form, please!
Since Pumpkin + Red Hot Chili Chocolate was such a win - why not Curried Butternut Squash?! Someone pleeeaaase make this :D I had this in soup form on Saturday and it was fantastic.

Also, how about Pumpkin Pie-Ginger cookies with chili-chocolate chips?! Or Spicy Chocolate cookies with swirls of mint? many experiments are in order.

A quick peek in my pantry revealed that I have all the ingredients necessary. Perhaps a Thanksgiving Cookie blitz is in order...
Pumpkin Puree or Pumpkin Pie filling?

Ed's Real Scoop
Verdict:  Go!! Great ice cream and super friendly service!
Meal: Dessert
Price: $3 for a regular cone
Location: 920 Queen St E Toronto

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Chris ( said...

You do ice cream like no one else does ice cream.

redmenace said...

It is never too cold for ice cream! I am in total agreement. I wish there were better places to gorge on it in Seattle. xo

Chris ( said...

You do ice cream like no one else does ice cream.

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