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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bitondo Pizzeria :: Pizza-Palooza Week

If you need a quick slice of pepperoni pizza in Little Italy, Bitondo is a solid choice. It's always quite busy at lunch, so the turnover for their pepperoni slices is quite good . They're big in size, have a nice dose of tasty tomato sauce, I like their crust, and there's an appropriate helping of good cheese. While this was a decent slice, I won't be running back anytime soon since Massimo's is just around the corner...unless if I'm particularly craving a slice of pepperoni.

For a quick pizza, I'd rather grab a Massimo margarita slice, as Bitondo takes 20 minutes to prepare their non-pepperoni pizzas and panzerottis. You can get cheese at any time - but I like my panzos stuffed and my pizzas loaded with lots of veggies! Personal preference.

Bitondo Pizzeria
Verdict:  Good, quick slice of pepperoni - better than Cora. Wish I had time to wait for a panzerotti.
Meal: Lunch/Pizza-Palooza

Price: $2.75 + tax & tip
Location: 11 Clinton Street, Toronto
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