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Sunday, September 26, 2010

St. Lawrence Market

Just another Sunday at the market.

Kensington Market & Sick Kid's Hospital Farmer's Market are my weekday go-to places for fresh Ontario produce. However, on the weekends I like heading to St. Lawrence Market. If you head there in the late afternoon, a lot of vendors drop their prices to get rid of leftovers - great for the budget and even better for the appetite.
Yum~ I picked these up - 2 for $5

Radishes & Zucchini
Peppers! I got a few random ones to test with future recipes...

I was a little mystified when I saw these:
Purple peppers?
Funny Squash - would make for a nice Fall centerpiece/gift. Or weapon.

Yayy!! They're in season! My favourite :D! I snatched a bucket.

Second week in a row that I was sold "the last wild blueberries of the season". Hmm.

In addition to the Farmer's Market, St. Lawrence offers a wide variety of tasty vendors selling everything from kitchen gadgets, fresh peameal bacon, fish sammies, and baked goodies:
Fun cookie treats :)

Gobble Gobble Gooo! Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I can't wait for this:

...and of course, this:
Turkey & Sushi = Thanksgiving Classics!
Forget Pumpkin Pie. Bring on the Tang Soo Yuk & Scallops.


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