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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sage Cafe :: Baldwin

Sage Café has been one of my long-time favourites of Baldwin Village. On more than one occasion, I've stopped friends from heading to the nearby Subway and geared them towards this little shop for their great soups, wraps, pastas, and pizza. I was in the area and I needed something tasty right away so I grabbed my friend and headed to Sage.

Sage Café
Verdict: Go! Fresh wraps, pasta, and pizza
Meal: Lunch 
Price: $6.50 + tax & tip
Location: 166 McCaul St., Toronto

We were both debating between their Sockeye Salmon & Dill and Creamy Lemon Chicken Tarragon. The wraps are cut in half, so the solution was simple! Share share share.

Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese ($6.50)

Uggh...too much cream cheese
We promptly traded halves and hungrily bit into one. Whoops...the error wasn't detected until after a big bite! Puzzled, I asked an employee if this was indeed the Salmon & Dill and he curtly replied "Yes - salmon, dill, and capers. It's right." I felt a little dry as he walked away.

The overload of cheese was unpleasant and I fetched a butter knife to get rid of few slabs. Don't get me wrong - I like cream cheese & smoked salmon, and I love capers...but it didn't seem right - if it was supposed to have cream cheese, wouldn't the name have been "Salmon, Cream Cheese, & Dill"?
I trotted to the front and spotted "Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese" on the board. Ahh.

I politely (or so I hope) told the owner that I wasn't expecting any retribution, but I thought I'd ask if there was an error. She was unimpressed with both the employee and myself, as I didn't speak to her right away, but she recognized the mistake. I realize that I could have been more insistent from the getgo, but I'm usually very shy about these matters so I'm giving myself a pat on the back. Pat pat.

I still wanted the Sockeye Salmon & Dill wrap because I was hungry, and she gave it to me for half price. I think that was a fair compromise (we ate the cream cheese wrap), so I am grateful.

Creamy Lemon Chicken Tarragon ($6.50)
Smooth & lemony!
I'm glad that we followed with this tasty wrap. I really liked the filling - it was exactly what I was expecting from the description.

Tasty and creamy, it brightened my mood after the error and the overload of cream cheese. The lemon gave it a nice kick. Thumbs up!
Sockeye Salmon & Dill 
Om nom nom nom
 I am really glad that I decided to indulge in another sandwich. Frankly, I would have left the café unsatisfied and given a very "meh" verdict if I hadn't. This was really tasty and by far my favourite out of the bunch.

I like how they use thin whole-wheat wraps, and they're always very neatly prepared with fresh vegetables. Their daily soups are also excellent and Sage is a good spot to hit for lunch if you're in the area! You can also easily grab one to go and pop it in your bag for later - which I've done many times if I know that I'll be too busy to prepare dinner. Why grab a hot dog on the street when you can have a tasty wrap?

I will keep pointing my friends to Sage, and from this experience I think I'll try to be a little braver when it comes to speaking up at restaurants. This will give them a chance to make up for any mistakes - if I am going to write about them, they ought to get that chance.

Sage Café
Verdict: Go! Fresh wraps, pasta, and pizza
Meal: Lunch 
Price: $6.50 + tax & tip
Location: 166 McCaul St., Toronto
Sage also has cookies:
Sage Café
Verdict: Decent, sweet, but not a winner
Meal: Cookie Run (Chocolate Cookie Crusade Series)
Price: ~$2.25 + tax (I can't remember exactly)
Location: 166 McCaul St., Toronto
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Chris ( said...

I'm glad you spoke up about what you wanted! Lots of ppl would've chickened (salmoned?) out.

Erin said...

I'm glad too! I usually salmon-out but it pays to be firm when you know there's been a mistake. I've never been able to send back food at restaurants...been tempted though!

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