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Friday, September 24, 2010

Pancho's Bakery

Pastries & Churros!

My Compañero de Galletas decided that we ought to share something other than cookies. We headed to Pancho's Bakery, for something that he promised was kind of like a cookie and deserved a spot in my Chocolate Cookie Crusade.

Pancho's Bakery
Verdict: Fresh Mexican pastries, yummy churros
Location: 214 Augusta Ave,Toronto

A joint venture with El Gordo, this shop sells Mexican pastries and churros in the front and empanadas and arepas (Venezuelan Corn Bread Sandwiches) in the back. I've tried churros, piping hot and fresh from the machine on Pedestrian Sundays. Filled with chocolate, it was a great treat. They're available daily - I noticed a line of them by the cash, ready to be filled.

Anyways, we picked up a cactus-looking pastry and a big, puffy bun that Compañero de Galletas called an "ear"and a "conch" respectively. I raised my eyebrow. Definitely not a cookie. Getting in between me and a cookie craving was like treading in shark-infested waters. Muy peligroso, Compañero.

Sweet & Fluffy!
This was a fresh, sweet, light bun that I rather enjoyed. Compañero mentioned that this would be a very nice treat for breakfast with a cup of coffee and I must agree. I suppose the shell pattern is why he called it a conch.

I could have taken a picture after a few bites to show off the fluffy inside and the thickness of the bun...but the afternoon was more about enjoying some great company than snapping photos of treats. So just trust me when I say it was light, airy, and tasty.

Flakey and Chocolate-y!

This was such a good pastry! Fresh, crispy, sugary, and hooray for chocolate! He called it an ear, but I prefer to call it a crispy cactus. This was not a cookie (sorry Compañero) but I was happy nonetheless. I want more!

I was very glad that Compañero de Galletas introduced me to a bit of his culture - I wouldn't have thought to venture into this little Mexican bakery for anything but churros. Speaking of which, if you're downtown this Sunday, September 26th why not head to Kensington to enjoy fresh churros at the second last Pedestrian Sunday?
Get these hot and fresh this Sunday!

Rather than going for my usual almond croissant or fruity danish, I think that I'll venture back to Pancho when I want a pastry treat!

Pancho's Bakery
Verdict: Fresh Mexican pastries, yummy churros 
Meal: "Cookie" Run (Chocolate Cookie Crusade Series...kinda)
Price: ~$1-2pp
Location: 214 Augusta Ave,Toronto
Conch Shells, Ears, & Good Company = Great Afternoon

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