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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Salamander Sunrise :: Midnight Snacks

I greedily dumped a huge dollop of yogurt in the middle so it messily squished through & around the peaches. Not the best at food presentation - but I did move a strawberry over so you can see the apple-almond butter mixture!
The Salamander
Ontario Strawberries (is anyone else loving how long the season is now?!)
Ontario Peaches
Strawberry yogurt
Apple Butter
Almond Butter
2 slices of white "whole grain" toast (on sale, decided to try it out - not as good as real whole grain bread)

While tasty, I think that next time I'm going to put roasted almonds in there for a more intense flavour with the apple butter. Also, if I had better foresight, I would've saved some of the mango I ate earlier for this guy. A mango-peach sammy would be good!


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