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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Lonely Currant :: Midnight Snacks

Orange tomatoes from Kensington
After yesterday's intense night of Kenzo noodles (intense because I polished off a bowl then my friend announced she could only finish half of hers - so Erin came to the rescue), dancing, and heavy poutines as well as today's deep fried dinner at Wah Sing (every single dish we ordered was deep fried...except the single dish of oily snow pea leaves) and ice cream from Sweet Fantasies, I'm craving something green. Boring? Yes. But here's a picture anyways. I can try to make friends with salad.

To save time, I often pre-make several salads and add fruit and nuts in at the last minute. I like my fruit at room temperature (my friend calls me an old lady), so whatever happens to be on my counter often goes in.  12AM isn't just for sandwiches.

I realize now that my pear slices are at the bottom of the bowl, but they're in there. I found a single red currant rolling around my freezer today, so that makes this...

The Lonely Currant
Orange Tomatoes
Ontario Kale
Ontario Yellow Zucchini
Ontario Green Zucchini
Ontario Organic Celery
Ontario Bosc Pears
Pine nuts
My mom's roasted almonds
1 lonely red currant, inexplicably found in my freezer


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