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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Burritos Boyz & more, More, MORE! :: Midnight Snacks

Midnight munchies call for a halibut burrito from Burrito Boyz. It's open until 3AM on Thursdays and 4AM on Fridays and Saturdays - so there's never really an excuse to not get a burrito when I'm craving one! Tonight they closed at 11PM - I made it in the nick of time! Om nom nom nom nom...

Burrito Boyz

Verdict: Love their Halibut Burrito!
Meal: Late late night eats
Price: ~$9.73+ tax
Location: 287 Augusta Ave, Toronto

A long time ago, my obsession with food became well known when I started my Toronto Burrito Blitz. I love burritos. Unfortunately, this was way before my Cookies & Tomatoes days so no pictures were taken! Although I have revisited some since I've started, it's usually late at night and I'm either i) without a camera or ii) too hungry to think about anything besides stuffing my face.

Nonetheless, here's a rundown and at least a couple of pictures for you to enjoy. I had to award both Burrito Boyz and Big Fat Burrito #1 to be fair. When I am craving a fish burrito, I go to BB. When I want something meaty, I go to BFB. It's as simple as that.

1a. Burrito Boyz
Halibut Burrito ($8.85 small, $9.73 large)
Halibut Burrito - so much sauce, so much win!

The tortilla is toasted on a flat-top grill and the large gives you 1.5 lb of fish! Add a very generous helping of sauces: Lime-Chili Burrito sauce, sour cream, and hot sauce. Most of my friends get little to no hot sauce, but I like asking for two lines. Yum.

I almost wrote this place off after trying their steak burrito - the beef was tough and unappetizing, despite the plethora of fillings. I'm really glad that I gave the place another go and tried their halibut burrito! I can ever resist its call...while curious about their veggie soy and shrimp burritos, I haven't been able to say no to halibut.

It's also a good place to chill after a late night of partying  studying - open until 3AM on Thursdays, 4AM on Friday & Saturdays it's been a deliciously convenient spot for late night cravings. It's right on top of Smoke's Poutinerie, which I just visited last Friday. I went from heart-attack-in-a-box to heart-attack-in-a-tortilla. Well it's fish so maybe it's more heart-palpitation-in-a-tortilla.

Jammed with Refried Pinto Beans, Cheese, Tomatoes, Green peppers, Salsa, Mexican rice, Lettuce, Green onion, JalapeƱos, Guacamole, and all 3 sauces!

1b. Big Fat Burrito
Pulled Pork
I lo-o-o-ve their pulled pork burrito! It's always saucy, soft, and so good with guacamole. I always manage to stuff myself with a large without a single regret!

3. Burrito Bandidos
Steak Burrito
This is third because I only tried their steak - I bet their fish is just as good as Burrito Boyz. If I was ranking this on the steak alone, it'd be lower but I ought to be fair since the owners used to work together at Burrito Boyz so they're virtually identical.

4. Z-teca
Beef Barbacoa Burrito
Tried the one at Fairview Mall - this a popular chain. Pretty good if you're in the area and want a burrito fix! They're also often featured on Group Buy sites, so keep your eyes open for deals.

5. Chipotle Mexican Grill
Once owned by McDonalds, this has been a major hit-or-miss for me. The last time I went, the person who made my burrito jammed it full of Carnitas and I was very pleased. The time before that, the server was quite grumpy and I got a small handful of chicken. Nonetheless, when I needed a quick burrito fix around Yonge & Dundas, Chipotle did the trick...until Big Fat Burrito moved in. I rather like their Cilantro-Lime flavoured rice

6. Burro Burrito
Steak ($7.99 Large)
Located beside my beloved Fish Store, I popped by after a game of floor hockey. This was in my early burrito-blitzing days and I think that I've since realized that steak burritos are not the way to go unless if you're ordering them from a good restaurant like my visit to Sweet Smoke's BBQ

7. Burrito Loco
Chicken Burrito
So close to being finished before the picture was taken! Oops!

Of course, there's also Sweet Smoke's Flat Iron Steak burrito but since it's at a restaurant it's in a totally different class on it's own. 
Steak Burrito win @ $9, but not quick eats on the streets of Toronto

Honourable Mentions - Not true Burritos but I still love 'em:

1.  The Fish Store
Tried almost everything - best: Black Cod Burrito with Avocado
Honestly, if this was open later and closer to my place I'd get this over Burrito Boyz any day. The Fish Store is fantastic - they offer a huge selection of seafood that you can in sandwich or a wrap (which they call a burrito). Love Love Love.

2. NY Subway
Potato burrito, cauliflower burrito, lamb burrito
 These aren't traditional burritos either - however their potato & cauliflower burritos are great! Totally recommend getting one of these over their meaty options.

Burrito Boyz

Verdict: Love their Halibut Burrito!
Meal: Late late night eats
Price: ~$9.73+ tax
Location: 287 Augusta Ave, Toronto

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Me ... said...

Omg I love love burritos ... and I agree about Chipotle, its a hit or a miss ... depending on the mood of the person filling your burrito ... though I must say I love the chicken burrito there...

Andrea said...

It appears you love burritos just as much as I do! I do want to let you know that as of 2006 Chipotle is no longer owned by McDonald's. Did you know that they are committed to food with integrity and source Canadian meat for their 2 Toronto locations from Beretta Farms and duBreton. You should give them another shot- the carnitas and guac are to die for- consistently!

Teena in Toronto said...

I love Burrito Boyz ... we had lunch there on Friday.  Yum!

Anonymous said...

Omg the pic of the halibut burrito makes me want to get one--looks like I'll be making a trip there after work today. (Small tip: call in advance, otherwise the lineups can get crazy--esp in west toronto or mississuga!)

Erin said...

Did you go?? :)

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