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Friday, September 10, 2010

Baked Bartlett Pears :: Midnight Snacks

Who bakes at 5AM? I do. Except this time it's not cookies, but less-labour intensive and still super-delicious.  Perfect for quickly shoving in the oven while you're busy doing chores, eating dinner, or just want a snack to keep you going throughout a late night of studying.
If only I could share the smell of honey, cinnamon, and baked delicious

Pretty straightforward - I bought an entire basket of these from Kensington and they've been the perfect snack and/or post-dinner dessert. Drizzled with a bit of honey, cinnamon, and brown sugar these baked quite nicely in the toaster oven while I was watching Iron Man 2 doing work.

Contrary to popular recipes, you don't need to drench pears (or any fruit, for that matter) with juice and baste them while baking. Nor do you need to fill the wells with butter. I just pop them in and leave them alone until I can't resist the sweet smell. Go ahead and try this with pears, apples, peaches, and plums! Quick and easy.

I like baking Bartlett pears simply because the heat really enhances their flavour. Sugar and Korean Pears don't need that extra oomph. Also, Barletts tend to be on the crisp side so you can easily adjust the baking time to control the amount of "bite" - not as easy to do with peaches or apples.

Baked Pears
Pears (I used Ontario Bartlett)
Brown Sugar
Honey (bonus points if you use Blossom honey - that stuff is so good)
Optional: Nutmeg, some people like butter - I don't, I've also filled it with oatmeal which was tasty

Cut pear in half, spoon and eat the core and fill with brown sugar, cinnamon, and honey. Pop in the toaster oven/oven at 350F for 30-40 minutes (I just go by smell - when I can't resist anymore, it is done). Enjoy with a scoop of ice cream (preferably almond if you can get your hands on it) or entirely on its own! Also tasty with almond butter...speaking of which...I think I'll restock on some tomorrow. Yum. I like almond + pear, just like I enjoy strawberries + peanut butter. Can you guess what my next midnight snack will probably involve?

For those who are more interested in my restaurant reviews - not to worry. I'll be publishing a review later today, after some much-needed sleep. Good night morning!


Ellen said...

My dad has been using that exact same recipe since we were little lol. It's an easy/good one. But we always ate with apples.

Erin said...

Try nutmeg + peaches, and put a bit of granola in the middle. Trust me, it's really good. I should post a list of yummy baked fruit combos :)

Ellen said...

I'm not a huge fan of nutmeg. It's okay... but I'd prefer without as I find it's a bit of a harsh/strong taste for me. That's why I normally just stick with cinnamon only.. with the additional ingredients like honey etc. etc.

Btw, are you looking to be a food critic or do writing on food in a magazine? You seem to spend so much time on food and reviewing them now... that it sounds like it's becoming more than a hobby/interest. I wonder how you enjoy your day job! This might as well be your day job interest... You really should evaluate and research in maybe doing this as a career.

michi said...

Where would you find almond ice cream?! Never seen that flavour. :P

Erin said...

I should have written "gelato"! Usually found in little shops or grocery stores. You must try it :D I've had almond *ice cream* in restaurants, but only seen it sold in gelato form in stores
Try roasted almond at Soma or Dolce Gelato. Delicious!

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