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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Nicky's Coffee :: DT Donut Delve

Sign on Richmond & Peter, Outside, Bar

After Frank's stale and disappointing donut and Hoof Café 's amazing beignets I was left wanting something in between. I decided to start with a newly opened coffee shop on Queen West, Little Nicky's Coffee. The bar is set...and it's high.
Update: They have wireless! Discovered this when I went back for a cookie.

Little Nicky's Coffee
Verdict:  Go! Fresh donuts made to order!
Meal: Dessert/Snacks

Price: $2.75 for 6, $4 for 12
Location: 375 Queen Street West, Toronto*
*not directly on Queen Street - the entrance is on Peter St! I almost thought I wrote the wrong address down and headed to O&B Canteen for a croissant.

I love afternoon coffee dates! This cute little coffee shop offers an array of sandwiches, croissants, muffins, and cookies. Best of all, you can get hot fresh donuts that are made to order!
Croissants, Muffins, Bagels
...if you can resist the call of the donut
Fresh, house made cookies $2
Yumm...nice and thick

Click Image for Menu
They're quick and efficient - an order of ice coffee, mochaccino, and a dozen donuts were passed to us in no time. Watching the donuts being made within seconds of ordering was a delight for my inner child. I eagerly peered as dollops of batter fried to golden perfection before making their way to the rotating dish at the end of the conveyor belt.


Plop plop! Was tempted to grab one as
 it slowly made it's way towards me :P

Once done, the yummy pastries are thrown into a bowl and tossed with sugar and cinnamon before being thrown into a paper bag. I noticed a pair of snackers getting theirs in a bowl instead...but it's much more fun to get it in the paper bag!

Mini-Donut Maker
Love the decor!
Poke, Poke!
Taking care to make perfect donuts

The entire café is noticeably tidy & clean, and I found the lady quite pleasant. She also took care to ensure that every order of donut was cooked to perfection :)

Tossed in cinnamon & sugar, served piping hot in a paper bag

Yum! These donuts disappeared quickly . They're the perfect size to just pop in your mouth, and not heavy at all. They're super fresh, hot, and a delicious treat.

The shop is a delightful place to visit with a friend or a book. I will definitely return for a freshly made cookie :). I didn't see any signs of Wifi, but it'd be a perfect spot to study (and blog!) if they do.

These weren't hard to put away!

The donut-delve is off to a much better start than the crepe city chase. So far so good!

Little Nicky's Coffee
Verdict:  Go! Fresh donuts made to order!
Meal: Dessert/Snacks

Price: $2.75 for 6, $4for 12
Location: 375 Queen Street West, Toronto

I went back to try one of their housemade cookies:

Verdict:  Go for the donuts, not for the cookies
Meal: Cookie Run (Chocolate Cookie Crusade Series)
Price: $2 + tax & tip
Location: 375 Queen Street West, Toronto

Downtown Donut Delve Results (Sept 2010):

Frank, AGO $10
Mini Donut & Espresso Mousse
Stale donut :(
Little Nicky's Coffee $4/dozen
Mini Donuts, made to order
Yum - fresh & delicious..great deal
Hoof Cafe $5
Bone Marrow Beignets - Strawberry & Long Pepper Jelly
Drool - delicious, decadent, delightful

Do churros count? I suppose they do, as they're deep fried dough tossed in sugar!

Little Nicky's Coffee on Urbanspoon


Graham Morse said...

$2.75 for 6, $2.75 for 12 ??
That can't be right.

Erin said...

Woops! Thanks for the catch - fixed! it's $4 for a dozen. And the best $4 that you'll ever spend on a snack!

cat said...

I read this post a few days ago and unexpectedly found myself on Richmond St. yesterday afternoon and thought "doughnuts"!
I got a half dozen and they almost all disappeared before my latte was made [this does not mean service is fingers they just wouldn't stop going into the bag]. The doughnuts are so good (too bad eating them everyday would be bad for the body). Fortunately I have no qualms about having one of their beautifully pulled espresso shots daily. Le Gourmand has moved to my #2 spot for a caffeine fix in this area.
I am looking forward to my next trip in to Toronto from suburbia. Erin, Thank you for introducing me to Little Nicky's.

Erin said...

You're very welcome Cat! Thanks for the feedback and's so unfortunate that making them a daily fix would be bad for the body...but it'd be delicious for the appetite :D

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