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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Big Chill & more, More, MORE! :: Ice Cream

Colourful & Fun Ice Cream Shop!

Yummy Flavours!
Now that summer is winding down, ice cream nights are becoming less and less common. Don't get me wrong - I've been known to grab a cup of Peanut Butter Perfection in the dead of winter, but this hot summer has been full of wandering downtown and eating ice cream every chance I got. Let's start with my favourite: The Big Chill.

The Big Chill is one of the newest ice cream additions to the downtown core. It's colourful and fun, and was great for many late night and lunchtime ice cream breaks! Located just west of College & Bathurst, it's been challenging my addiction to Dolce Gelato. They have the freshest waffle cones that I've tried (sorry Summers, you've been bumped!) and my favourite chocolate-peanut butter mixture so far.

The Big Chill
Verdict: Go! Freshest waffle cone I've tried in Toronto
Meal: Dessert
Price: $3.95 for two scoops + $1 for waffle cone
Location: 367 Manning Avenue, Toronto

Funky Chunky Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, peanuts, and a little Oreo cookie :)

Generous with the peanut butter!
 The best part of the dark chocolate peanut butter is that there were generous slabs of peanut butter embedded throughout. With the fresh waffle cone, I say that this is my preferred choice over Coldstone and Marbleslab's Peanut butter chocolate concoctions.

Their Nutella ice cream is weak - if you want a chocolate-hazelnut treat I recommend going to Dolce Gelato instead. They also have "Caribou Tracks" which is the same as Kawartha's ever-popular moose tracks. I've also tried their Brownie Toffee Crunch and Espresso Robusto - both yummy!

My friend enjoyed her ice cream, but I'm a chocolate girl...

So what else is there in Toronto?

Marble Slab...I uh...went a little nuts

My favourite ice cream/gelato is Dolce Rocher from Dolce Gelato. That aside, in order of enjoyment (not counting restaurant desserts), my best Toronto experiences have been:
  1. The Big Chill: Funky Chunky Chocolate & Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter. Best waffle cone!
  2. Dolce Gelato: Dolce Rocher, Amaretto, Mondoria Tostada (toasted almond), Nocciola (pure hazelnut), and pistachio
  3. XocoCava: Hazelnut (yum!), strawberry, & prune ice cream
  4. Marble Slab: Mixing Dark Chocolate with peanut butter, Peanut Butter Picnic, Belgian chocolate, & Strawberry (although their waffle bowls are sometimes stale)
  5. Sweet Fantasies: Strawberry (drool), chocolate brownie, & blueberry (not a fan of their peanut butter chocolate or their waffle cone)
  6. Summer's Sweet Memories: Pecan-Chocolate & Chocolate-Peanut Butter
  7. Greg's Ice Cream: Mocha, Chocolate, & Roasted Marshmallow (like it, but over-hyped imo)
  8. Coldstone Creamery: Peanut Butter Perfection
  9. Orange Alert: Strawberry Kawartha ice cream

I've also had Soma, Baskin Robbins (who hasn't?), Demetres, and a bunch of other shops...but these are my favourite in Toronto. I still need to try Ed's Real Scoop!

Dolce Gelato!
 There are also plenty of frozen yogurt options in Toronto - however I'm usually underwhelmed because I'm craving something decadent and rich. Cefiore does a nice light & fruity cup of ice cream.

Now if only I could find a foot-long ice cream cone here like I had in Nakano, Tokyo. Then my summer ice cream hunt would be perfectly complete.

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althea said...

That Japanese ice cream cone! OH MY GOD! I WANT ONE!

Me ... said...

omg how did that Japanese ice cream cone not melt ...

Erin said...

I had to eat it quickly - we needed to hit McDonalds before it closed! :P

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