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Monday, September 27, 2010

Honey-Soy Chicken & Pear :: Dinner Plate

Marinated with:
Lemon Juice
Soy sauce

...I clearly made no effort to make good food pr0n from this. I actually just ate it right out of the pouch with some reheated rice. I'm so classy.
    After the last batch of baked chicken, I decided to bake these in a foil pouch to see if it'd help keep the chicken from going dry. I added a plethora of vegetables beneath each breast to bake as well! Brussels sprouts, yellow zucchini, mushrooms, and cloves of garlic.  Then I wrapped it up - 1 breast per pouch and popped them in my toaster oven. It took much longer than I anticipated, around 40 minutes at 375F but the end result was so worth it.
    Wrap, bake, and enjoy dinner in a pouch!

    I was extremely pleased with the outcome. The chicken was juicy and flavourful, and the steam created a wonderful broth that marinated the vegetables really well. The honey, lemon, and soy sauce as a great combination and will be a regular from now on!
    So juicy & the veggies were great with the broth!

    I liked the sweet broth so much that I decided to bake a pear in it. It was so win - I think that the caramelized onion flavour really mingled well with the pear, and I'll be adding slivers in my next batch. So much better than my usual baked pear recipe.


    It might not look pretty, but trust me - it was so tasty!


    Me ... said...

    I need to try this ... I have never baked chicken in a pouch before ...

    Erin said...

    It makes life a lot easier, trust me. I'm doing everything in a pouch from now on! I'm such a lazy cook so this is perfect.
    My friend messaged me after seeing this post though - warned me that too much acidic stuff in the foil would not be good because it may oxidize and leech a metallic flavour. Something to keep in mind!

    Me ... said...

    I need to try this ... I have never baked chicken in a pouch before ...

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