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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wish Restaurant

It's ba-ack! Several years ago, on a rare visit to Toronto I had fantastic eggs Charlotte and French toast at Wish. The memory stuck with me for years and when I moved downtown, I was sorely disappointed to learn that it was closed so the owners could try their hand at Italian fare. Renamed "Black Skirt", the brightly and homey interior was transformed into a dark, sleek environment and I was never attracted to try their dinner. However, the Black Skirt experiment is over and Wish is back!    
Wish Restaurant
Verdict: Cheerful patio, okay service...wish I had brunch instead. Underwhelming lunch. 
Meal: Lunch   
Price: $20 + tax & tip
Location: 3 Charles St E, Toronto
 Welcoming patio with comfy couches and flowers

Eager to awaken the nostalgia of my last visit, I took a quick peek once I caught wind of the revival. I was pleased to see the old decor and slightly cramped yet cheerful patio complete with plush couches and flower boxes. While I loved the brunch, I decided to give lunch a try with an old friend who was coming downtown. 

Inside Wish Restaurant

Fried Calamari with Aioli & Salsa Fresca
The lightly breaded and deep-fried rings and tentacles were tender and neither overcooked nor too salty - two things that often ruin calamari. It wasn't put in the deep fryer for too long, so it wasn't especially crispy and the batter was so-so. I personally would have liked a bit more spice. It was okay, but I've had better value from Mezes in Greektown. The *best* calamari I've ever tried was from Yoso's-Call Joso's in Yorkville - pricey, but spiced and fried to perfection.[Click to Compare] Would not order calamari from Wish again.
Romaine Salad w Cherry Tomatoes, Herb Dressing, Feta Cheese, & Crostini  
The waitress made a strong recommendation for the salad - she raved that she loved it and it is really great starter. Really? I think the picture speaks for itself. Romaine lettuce, a couple cherry tomatoes and an unmemorable dressing. Very poor value at $9.
Lamb Burger with Tomato Tzatziki & Feta
The saving grace of our lunch - the lamb was nicely ground and mixed with a good dash of cumin. Tender and juicy, I savoured it to make up for the disappointing salad and so-so calamari. The bun was a typical white hamburger-type of bun - too bad, really. I think that a great bun on a good burger makes a world of difference. The fries were decent - nice, thin, a little on the softer side (like the calamari! Perhaps this is just their style)

The patio and interior are simple and great for a summer brunch or lunch. Fresh, sunny flowers at each table, simple decor, and comfy couches created a low-key, relaxed atmosphere. However, for the value I don't think I will be returning for lunch...although I may give the weekend brunch another go. Maybe.

Wish Restaurant
Verdict: Cheerful patio, okay service...wish I had brunch instead. Underwhelming lunch. 
Meal: Lunch 
Price: $20 + tax & tip
Location: 3 Charles St E, Toronto

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Anonymous said...

If you are back in Oakville, I suggest "The Big Smoke" that is down teh street from Sweet Smoke. I liked the pulled pork sandwich from there too.

Did you go the the Grand River kayaking featured on one of the deal sites a few weeks ago? I see there is a deal up on one of the sites again (Teamsave I think). Curious what your kayak experience was like and if it was a worthwhile trip!

Erin said...

Hi Mr. Anonymous!
Perhaps I'll give it a try - I hope their ribs are better too! Do you like their pulled pork better than Sweet Smoke?

Nope, I didn't go with them. I recall seeing a kayaking trip on one of those sites too, but not for Grand River. I went with a few friends and we paddled through the crazy storm mentioned in this article:

It was an intense day full of storms, jumping out of the canoe to save people whose canoes had flipped over, and hiding whenever lightning struck (which appears to have been the smart choice, phew!). Worked up the appetite like crazy...

Furba said...

I love this place, what do people want???? What does that mean, "for the value" it is so reasonable its amazing, I personally know the owner and she is a clean freak with a passion for perfection.  Go to the dirty bird next time you want "value".  If you want to good food and reasonable prices with the freshest decor in the city (invented the whole white thing) go to Wish, my favorite place

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