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Friday, August 13, 2010

Cookies & Tomatoes hits a milestone!

This morning, I checked Google Analytics only to find that since I started this blog, I've had over 1000 unique visitors! I am truly amazed - I never thought that it would take off this quickly and I am delighted to have shared with so many people. I've decided to celebrate with a review of the best meal that I've had in Toronto, which shall be posted shortly. Thank you to all of my friends who have been very encouraging, everyone who has been involved in my food adventures, and visitors who have stumbled across this blog from various sources. You're awesome. I hope that you have been enjoying my posts and having some of your own epicurean adventures! =)


Maygan said...

Erin! I've been following your foodie pics on facebook for some time and I am completely blown away (although not surprised) that you've turned it into a full-blown, and well thought out blog! Now I know where to look when I want to take someone somewhere special to eat in TO! Kudos!!!!!!!

Erin said...

Thanks Maygan!! :)

Azadeh said...

congrats :) ur blog is amazing ! love it

Azadeh said...

congrats :) ur blog is amazing ! love it

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